First try of reading from the script. Feels more dull as opposed to the free-speeking episodes I did before. What’s your take?



Go and check out the “Next Leap Anthology“, a collection of IM articles by myself, Zeiger and other IM users regarding the fascist worldview, it will cover a lot of the same ground that you will hear on f101 but obviously the channel will go further. Check it out here:http://laraj.ca/AGwiki/uploads/Contem…

Also, presenting a short novel/greek dialogue we wrote that introduces people to the fascist worldview in the most basic terms possible, good introduction material for the uninitiated: http://laraj.ca/AGwiki/uploads/Contem…

For those who are already in the know but only at the start of their journey into the fascist worldview have a look at the “Open Letter to the White Man“: http://laraj.ca/AGwiki/uploads/Contem…

Want to argue against our enemies? Have a look at Zeiger’s “Hammer of the Patriot“, a guide to how win an argument against the modern shill:http://laraj.ca/AGwiki/uploads/Contem…

One thought on “f101 | WV #4 | CYCLICAL HISTORY”

  1. Seemed like a good reading to me, for what thats worth.
    Assembly women. . . there is no escape from human nature, we are doomed!

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