“Would you truly consider him mad who’d want to revive chivalry?”
“Would you truly consider him mad who’d want to revive chivalry?”

“Encounter of a lifetime comes around exactly that often – only once in a lifetime, and it can change everything. Some people miss their chance completely, perhaps without even realizing what it is that they have missed, while others waste no time in seizing the moment and enjoy the rewards.

And can there be any greater reward than realizing that there is a whole other horizon stretching out before us all, that lays obscured by a bleak man-made scenery?”

A Squire’s Trial” is a ‘Greek dialogue’ framed in a  fictional story, retelling the encounter between an average person and a Fascist during the course of which the Fascist worldview is unraveled in the simplest terms possible.

Based on a real conversation, edited and reworked to create the characters of Don and his newfound friend, infused with symbols, hints and quotes, this story was written with the intention of becoming the perfect way to introduce someone to Fascism in broad strokes.

Check it out for free and if you liked it or would like to support IronMarch and all of its projects, including NOOSE, buy it now on Lulu .

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    I do like the idea of owning a physical copy of these, great idea. Hammer of the Patriot would be a good one.

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