“Only Bullets will Stop Us”

Here are the facts:

  • National Action announces its intention to hold a White Man March in Liverpool 4 months in advance (Source #1).
  • August 8th – Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson claims he received a letter from National Action, threatening that the city “will go up in flames” should the march be banned (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 11th – Media highlights the NA dresscode for the WMM (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 14th – Media highlights instagram posts of an NA member while mayor Anderson calls for free speech curbs (Source #1, Source #2).
  • August 15th – White Man March in Liverpool is canceled (Source #1, Source #2).
  • November 28th – White Man March comes back to Liverpool (Source #1, Source #2).

What we provided you with above are just the bare facts, however in the provided sources you will see the different telling of these events by System media and National Action reports. The significance of this particular event was its location, as Liverpool has a reputation as the most violent left-wing city in England. Marching through it would be a declaration of National Action’s supremacy not only to its enemies but its supremacy as the leading NS movement in Britain. The significance of this was not lost on the opposition who had mobilized all its resources to prevent this from happening.

What made you guys decide to march through Liverpool in the first place? Surely some believed that NA was not yet ready to take on the Red Citadel.

It must be understood that it is not National Action that organises the White Man Marches. They are organised by an independent body. We merely attend, but due to our presence being one of the largest and most professional, the assumption and conclusion is drawn that we are the hosts. To my understanding Liverpool was chosen by the organiser for it being known as a ‘Red city’ and we being who we are decided to accommodate that choice.
Anonymous NA member

This may very well be comparable to historic Battle of Cable Street with but one exception that cannot be overlooked. The British Union of Fascists had likewise faced a mob of mobilized antifa protesters who had been brought to the location from across the whole of Britain, but on that day it was the the large police force of 6,000 strong that had crashed against the red horde but ultimately could do nothing to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned. National Action, on the other hand, was facing not just the red horde but the machinations of the System and its primary puppet on the scene, mayor Joe Anderson, that had mobilized the red horde in the first place. It is all too evident from the pictures and videos of the events of August 15th that the police was purposely understaffed to create the illusion that nothing could be done to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned and thus National Action was “presented” with the “fact” that nothing can be done and hence the march cannot proceed.

What kind of opposition did you expect to face and what was everyone’s reaction to the System trap?

I was present at the official liaison with the WMM organisers. The route was planned, vulnerabilities and possible problems were identified and solutions reached to prevent such problems manifesting. The liaison officers noted these down and discussed how they would resolve issues. The System pigs told the organiser that they predicted anywhere between 200-400 counter protesters and stated how they would handle the situation, to accommodate the march but also the counter protest. What we faced was much larger than predictions, masses amounting in the thousands. The reaction from our men was pure adrenaline and excitement.
Anonymous NA member

The System had done everything to ensure that the march would fail and it had done everything to make sure that everybody was there to see it fail. Joe Anderson’s “echo” could be heard over and over, “mirrored”  in the days leading up to the event, in what was a clear attempt to create a media hype for what was to come.

It could be very well said that that the media had done a better job of advertising the event than National Action itself, making articles dedicated to the NA dress code and social media entries by its members, things that are not newsworthy on their own as dedicated articles but served a purpose to bring up the upcoming White Man March with increasing frequency in the last days before the event.

You’ve seen a flurry of media activity in the last few days leading up to WMM. Did any of you find it odd how the media has acted up and started focusing on even your social media posts to find something to inflate an article from?

This is predictable behavior of how the pig System operates. We understood the reasons behind their intent. They attempted to establish and forge a narrative ‘Nasty Nazis vs Good Goy Liverpool’. The media attempt to either belittle and embarrass or induce fear regarding groups who oppose the System. They have thus far opted for fear. I think they understand that we’ll give them something to write about it if they don’t do it themselves.
Anonymous NA member

Most noteworthy is of course the obviously fake “NA letter” to mayor Joe Anderson, the contents of which are laughable but paint a picture in conjunction with Joe’s reaction to it. In said letter the mayor is threatened with “race riots” if the White Man March is banned. With this letter in hand Joe proceeds to petition the police and Home Secretary to allow him to forbid the march, meaning that Joe never had the power to forbid the march in the first place, something that National Action was no doubt aware of due to the legal requirements of conducting a public event.

So the only party to this entire situation who had anything to gain from such a letter surfacing was Mayor Joe himself, as evident from his reaction to the letter, which is to demand more legal power for himself.


The infamous letter to Mayor Joe. Anyone with half a brain could see what was really going on there. How did everyone in NA react to this and did it bring up any concerns over something happening, like the WMM being canceled before the scheduled date or something happening on the day?

A statement was quickly put out refuting the letter, this was an obvious attempt to stop the march and attendees from proceeding and further demonizing National Action and English men. We knew the System was against the group, but by this point, with the rest of the media coverage we knew something was adrift. But we remained dedicated to the course set. I myself view things as they are, I knew something was not quite right. But I encouraged enthusiasm and dedication to our mission. Like the first battle of Ypres when the Prussian Guard come out to attack. They were found lying down in the small hollow. The young officer in charge said they could not surrender as that was against the principles of the Prussian Guard. They were exhausted, but when they recovered they would continue the advance; they were aware they had no chance. After a brief respite, they came out towards the guns, the young officer in front with his sword at the carry and all of them doing the ceremonial goose-step for the last time before they were all killed. It was a performance utterly useless and incomprehensible to the layman, but the purpose was clear to any practitioner of the science of war: troops of that spirit can and will do things which most troops cannot do, and they did. National Action will resurface the courage and nobleness of our ancient blood lines. We must do it, because no other can.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, August 15th comes around and NA walk into a System trap which was a combination of police, media and Mayor Joe’s machinations: the media hyped up the event to have all eyes on it when the day finally came, the police was purposely understaffed so that they could innocently shrug their shoulders and tell NA that nothing can be done about the red horde that was amassed by the System and, in fact, further agitated by Mayor Joe who was on the scene, making speeches before the subhuman masses. We’re not even counting the antifa horde itself as a proactive agent in this situation as they were nothing but pawns to the System who on their own, as it will become evident further down in the article, wouldn’t have been able to oppose the White Man March.

Antifa likes to talk about how they forced you into hiding in the luggage station. What really happened?

The police formed a cordon around attendees locked in a single location. They were purposefully understaffed. As the hordes grew, space dwindled. This caused us to be pushed back. Missiles were being thrown, eggs, pill bottles (seriously), rocks etc. The police line was forced back, two pigs came inside the area and ordered National Action members who were in front of the compartment to come inside. Through out the day we was faced with the option of compliance or arrest.
Anonymous NA member


How would you describe the police reaction to the predicament they were in? And was it the police who had actually told you that the march cannot proceed?

When it started to rumble the police shit themselves. I saw pigs being beaten and tenderized like a butcher would before cutting the meat. All the injuries they sustained were circumstantial and accidental due to the sheer volume of people. I saw female state agents crying and crumbling from the pressure and heat. Equipment was flying everywhere, missiles and fists. Officers screaming and crying into their radios, demanding back up and riot gear. But none came. The Reds could have broken those police lines and killed every pig agent there if they wanted too. At one point we was forced against a wall and was being crushed. At this point we decided to fuck the Police and do what was necessary. Fight. One member of National Action started barking commands and throwing people into the back of police. ‘PUSH!’ and with that we all charged into the back of police officers and propelled them forward using them as a battering ram against the horde. We cleared ourselves an area and pushed the horde back 10 meters allowing us breathing room. The police confirmed what was designed from the start. The march was not go go ahead. They shut it down.
Anonymous NA member




The authorities canceled the march. On that day National Action faced overwhelming odds and the kind of planned opposition that no nationalist movement in Britain had to face in generations. This alone speaks to the potential National Actions holds. The System struck a powerful blow that would have left any other movement shattered and dysfunctional, but this was not to be the end of NA.

Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The media attention given by the System to the event caused a surge in NA membership. Having seen the lengths to which the enemy was ready to go in order to stop the rising star of British National Socialism, NA proceeded to launch false information about more marches to go down, mobilizing new crowds of antifa, which grew smaller in size each time.


What was the motivation behind the campaign of falsely advertised NA gatherings in Liverpool? Did they achieve the desired result?
A few reasons: To confirm it was fat Joe inciting and releasing information, liaised marches have to be confirmed with the council. To see how many scum bags would turn up with 6 days notice and to see how long they could keep this up.
Anonymous NA member
We’ve seen the memes. Did your guys literally stand off to the side somewhere, taking pictures of the antifa crowds, giggling to themselves, or did you just take pictures of the results of your ruse from online sources?
Oh yes we had men on the ground. The narrative they like to perpetuate is that National Action travel into Liverpool and are an ‘invasion force’. What they don’t understand is that a number of our men live and work in Liverpool. We had some congregate within their mob.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, November 28th – Liverpool has Fallen as National Action returns and conducts the White Man March unopposed, uninterrupted and with no consequences, legal or otherwise. And what of their enemies? It was a Blitz attack that the System had no time to address or prepare for, no time to mobilize its pawns or generate any media attention.

Did you inform the authorities or the police beforehand about your return?

No. National Action does not liaise with the police. This was one of our founding principles. To operate independent of any other body. I will re-iterate we attend the WMM, not organise. We woke up in the morning and took a few of our guys for a walk in the city, showed one of our friends from out of town around. We live in the city and out skirts. It is a familiar place. Nothing illegal about white men taking a walk. Yet.
Anonymous NA member

The only bit of news coverage that the event received was a single sad article put out exclusively for the purposes of damage control, which is self evident from the spin the author tries to put on it: that Liverpool simply didn’t notice and didn’t care. What a stark contrast to how much Liverpool cared on August 15th: it cared enough to put out articles about NA dress code and individual member’s social media posts, it cared enough to amass a red horde, it cared enough to purposely under-staff the police, it cared enough to see Mayor Joe fake himself threatening letters and stand preaching to the crowd, Liverpool cared enough to literally shut itself down for a day, with all eyes on National Action. Hell, Liverpool cared enough to fall for each and every single false message of a potential event occurring that NA put out.

This time around only police presence that could be seen was two cars and Mayor Joe  was nowhere to be seen or heard from, despite just how vocal he was the first time around. No comment was made even in the aftermath of the March going through, because Joe obviously would prefer to sweep that fact under the rug and acts accordingly.

And the antifa? The antifa on its own was never a threat to National Action and it was proved to be so on this day. The Antifa bragged how “it will never happen here“, but much like the titular 1965 movie it DID happen here. The antifa were well aware of the March taking place and yet they did not show up to oppose it, most likely spying it from the sidelines, afraid to engage as their real numbers were obviously not enough to give them the kind of boldness they demonstrated back in August.


Did you spot any antifa during your march? Any familiar faces following you guys from place to place? And did you keep an eye on the local antifa facebook page as you were marching through Liverpool unopposed?
Nope. No reds in sight. We monitored their pages and twitter feeds. They put out a call to counter. But none showed. We took our time walking. Their boast and claims are air.
Anonymous NA member
Antifa warned that the regular people of Liverpool would never allow Nazis to march through their streets. Obviously this didn’t happen but did you receive any kind of negative backlash from the locals, even if just a random insult?
There were a few who complained. Generally old people, boomer trash etc. We had a lot of interest from younger people. People coming over after speeches, and when we went to the station asking what we was all about, many recognized us and had a laugh about the WMM.
Anonymous NA member

Some might look on these events and try to rationalize how the System’s initial victory was enough and thus did not need to be followed up each time National Action tries to stir something up, however all of its actions and bold talk, same as with the loud promises of the antifa, declare a firm commitment to do exactly that. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary for them to do so, otherwise they wouldn’t have opposed NA with such careful planning as they did in the first place.

The System knows exactly what National Action represents, they knew what the taking of Liverpool would represent for NA as well and so it had to be stopped at all costs and it was done with as much media hype and fanfare as possible. Yes, had NA marched as planned on the 15th of August it would have had a much more visible victory than the one it achieved in November. However, ultimately National Action exchanged a louder victory for one that had even greater meaning. It was expected to be the end of NA and yet they came back, they came back and they were completely unopposed, shattering the fake image of the impregnable Red Citadel of Liverpool.

How did you all feel after you’ve finally marched through Liverpool
Very good. It goes to show that the such groups as Anti-fa, Communists etc. are not as organised or embedded in communities as they would like to think. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of Liverpool is a degenerate cesspit. But there are many normal, natural and healthy people there.
Anonymous NA member
Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Did NA learn something from surviving the System trap? Do you imagine something like August 15th ever happening again?
It vindicated what we already know and preach. The pig System will crush any form of true dissent against its internationalist interests.
Anonymous NA member
Now you are the Kings of the Streets in Liverpool and the Kings of the Nationalist scene in England. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?
We are in the very beginning of a very bloody cultural war, a war between Nationalism and internationalism and we intend to win it. Join the resistance. No one else is going to do it except you. The right man in the wrong place can change the world. Step it up White man.
Anonymous NA member

Had NA let this go and moved on with other things it would have been an admission of defeat and the start of their downfall. Instead their star shines all the brighter and they are back with a vengeance, honoring their promise “only bullets will stop us” while their enemies pretend that nothing happened or that no promises to stop NA at every turn were made.

In the end National Action proved its supremacy over both its enemies and all other nationalist groups active in England.

The Red Citadel has Fallen. The King is Crowned. Long Live National Action!



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